Fly Bra – reviews, opinions. Silicone cups. How much does it cost?

What is Fly Bra? The silicone bra gives the breast the perfect shape and hides any defect. The breast is visibly raised and even larger. The flesh-colored and thick cups just 0.3 mm make it invisible even under lace clothes, and being strapless you can also wear loose clothes.

Anyway, Fly Bra is a relatively new product. The similar bras that were sold before were simply useless. Sofia's quoted website sells the original product. I wore it for my graduation party: perfect!

In agreement with Sofia, FlyBra is an ingenious invention for women. A huge thank you to the creators from all ladies!

Needless to say, my wedding day was incredible, because the heroine (i. e. I) was in a very good mood. I was so much complimented that day, and not just the groom. I wore Fly Bra for almost 12 hours, and never bothered me (no rubbing, no pressure, no wound). Amazing "!

Wear Fly Bra after shower, the silicone adheres better to clean skin. Remove the film from the cups and apply one onto each breast, making sure you adhere it. Being of medical silicone, it does not cause reactions.

Normal bras often scratch and scratch the skin. Fly Bra supports the breast without harming the skin. Apply protective film to prevent drying.

The product is sold via the internet. original purchase: Fly Bra cheaper. Go to this store >

The price is between: 49 € - 59 €

Product information is provided by the manufacturer. If you are ill now, consult your doctor or pharmacist. The effect of using this product may vary by person. This is a supplement, not a drug. This website is not responsible for the product or delivery.

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Fly Bra

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