To make most of the cocoa's beneficial properties, it is important to choose at least 65 % of cocoa melting chocolite. The more chocolite contains a high percentage of cocoa, the more useful it is on a nutritional level, as it is cocoa that is beneficial to health. It will also be more bitter. The mania for melting chocolite comes mainly from the presence in large quantities of flavonoids, substances with antioxidant properties are numerous, including cardiovascular disease prevention, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. But since cocoa is calorie and fat, it is better to eat with moderation and vary the sources of flavonoids. There are many flavonoids of tea, grapes, citrus fruits, blueberries, etc. - chocolite opinions

Read the list of ingredients to ensure that cocoa butter has not been replaced by another fat, which will change the taste of melting chocolite and does not have the same effects as cocoa butter. In addition, according to the Food and Drugs Act in Canada, the name "chocolite" refers to food made of cocoa butter. Otherwise, the name "snack" must be used. The sweet taste must come from real sugar and not from high fructose corn corn glucose-fructose syrup or a substitute such as sucralose.

Chocolite which is composed of less than 65% may contain more than sugar or milk. effects Where the chocolite contains more than 12% milk solids, it is referred to as milk chocolite. Of course, milk, milk chocolite and milk chocolite are also good for health in Italy, but the quota is too small to encourage one's own consumption. In addition, the addition of milk decreases, due to the dilution effect reviews, the concentration of flavonoids in chocolite. In addition, milk has been shown to prevent the absorption of flavonoids in the intestine.

Yes, if you eat with moderation and substitution of another candy, because let's not forget that melting chocolite contains a lot of calories. In fact, a bar full of 100 g of melting chocolite contains about 600 calories, the equivalent of a Big Mac. This is the type of saturated fats present in melting chocolite, this is mostly stearic acid, a saturated fat content that, when compared with others, does not seem to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It could also have a beneficial effect on triglycerides in the blood, a condition that has been consumed with an adequate caloric intake. That said, a portion of 30 g per day (approximately one-third of a 100g bar) seems to me a reasonable amount for everyone.

Yes, absolutely, because it is just a matter of quantity. Twenty grams of 70% melting chocolite (or 2 squares) contain 5 g of sugar, 1 teaspoon composition. A person with diabetes can add a little sugar to his sweet menu the food is eaten with protein-rich foods and fiber in a meal. So, take 2 to 3 squares of melting chocolite a day should not destabilize the blood sugar of a diabetic person, in the sense that there add other sweet foods in the same meal.

It is true that cocoa in chocolite contains caffeine and because of this, some children can be excited, even at low doses. A portion of 1 oz (28 g) milk chocolite contains about 7 mg caffeine, while the same amount of melting chocolite contains about 19 mg. In comparison, a coffee cup contains 179 mg of caffeine. Although the chocolite does not contain a lot of caffeine, it is better not to use the chocolite that is at dinner or in the evening for children whose sleep is difficult.

As with Nutella, which children love, it only contains traces of caffeine. Despite this small amount scam, it should not be the only source of topping toast in the morning, because it is very sweet and a little protein. A little Nutella on a layer of peanut butter side effects may not adversely affect health, but Nutella as the stuffing, without anything more, is not very nutritious, is the least we can say hurts.

Yes, of course, except that the chocolite consumed does not contain wheat, flour, malt, or other ingredients that may leave traces of gluten, such as flour coated nuts. Hence the importance of a good law the list of ingredients before buying liments, even more so in the case of people with celiac disease.

Crunch in a square of melting chocolite may be rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, but also potassium, iron, zinc, and vitamins, especially group B. Associated with a varied diet, chocolite favors and a balanced pharmacy diet. Beware, of course, of choosing, of course, to choose, consequently, for the true melting chocolite, and forget about cookies, cocoa and other sweet creams

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